Technology and a growing child

Kids begin learning from the womb and while human contact is of primary importance, technology can play a major role in development.  According to surveys conducted by various pediatric institutes, a child’s overall development through the use of technology can be compartmentalized into the following sections:

0 to 12 months: The Button Pusher – Learns cause and effect with electronic toys can handle cell phones set to ‘airplane mode.’

1 to 2 years: The High-Tech Mimic – Watches educational programs, tinkers with basic cause-and-effect apps on cell phones and starts to imitate mom’s tech habits.

2 to 3 years: The App-y Toddler – Uses an eReader for story time, sorts shapes and finds hidden objects on cell phone apps and is ready for electronic toys that teach numbers, letters, and vowel sounds.

3 to 4 years: The Swiper – Regularly uses a tablet— yours (until MOSTI was born), plays apps that feature simple puzzles and matching games.

4 to 5 years: The World Wide Wanderer – Uses the internet under supervision and plays active video games with the family.

There is really is no ‘right’ age to allow kids to dip a toe into the digital pond, so why wait for technology to force its way into your kid’s life when you can integrate it with your child’s development on your own terms.


Why YOU need a Chhota Bheem Tab!

Part 2

Okay, it’s tough…and?! #pre-loadedContent

The Chhota Bheem Tab is not just tough externally but packs a punch with its content too. The Chhota Bheem Tab puts the fun back into learning as it comes pre-loaded with premium educational content, saving you the trouble of scouring the internet for educational and fun content.

To ensure continuous fun and learning, The Chhota Bheem Tab has a number of edutainment apps from Intellijoy like learn letters & phonics, fun with numbers & math, play with shapes and colours, etc. There are story book narrating apps from iStorybooks with stories such as Cinderella, The Ugly Duckling, Little Red Hen and many others along with all-time-favorite Nursery Rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, Three Blind Mice, Baa Baa Black Sheep and countless more from Appu Series.

If your kids just want to have fun there are videos from Chhota Bheem, the hit television animation series along with the Learn with Bheem series.

Did You Know…

Back in the 1990’s studies have shown that kids learnt to play Super Mario Bros before they learned to ride a bike. Fast forward to 2014 and the trend is still very much the same. According to a study by AVG Technologies, young children are more adept at technology than some basic life skills.

In a poll conducted in 2013 of 2,200 mothers with Internet access and children between 2 and 5 years old, more children knew how to play video games (58%) than knew how to ride a bike (43%). If riding a bike seems a little too hard, how about more kids knowing how to play with a Smartphone (19%) than tying their own shoelaces (9%) or making it to the toilet in time (7%)!

Why YOU need a Chhota Bheem Tab!

Part 1

Has the screen of your brand new phone been shattered by your child? Has your laptop suffered from data loss? Are your kids using your phone or tab more than you do? Are you looking for ways to entertain/engage your kids?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, it’s time for you to get the Chhota Bheem Tab. It is India’s First Super Kids tab that is specially designed and engineered, inside and out, for your little ones.

How is it different from other tabs?!#hardware

The Chhota Bheem Tab is an award winning design equipped with rubberized casing and innovative side and rear bumpers along with a recessed screen that protects it from accidental bumps and shocks and has been drop tested from up to five feet, making it ideal for kids to handle and difficult to damage.

The Chhota Bheem Tab is designed with large buttons for easy navigation keeping those delicate hands and little fingers in mind. The Tab also comes with a front speaker ensuring undisturbed clear audio. With its long lasting battery providing hours of entertainment, it is a kid’s perfect companion.

Knowing how children love playing with the tab even while watching videos, The Chhota Bheem Tab has a special lock display button to ensure uninterrupted edutainment.

Learning Just Got Fun!

MOSTI is proud to announce the launch of the Chhota Bheem Tab, India’s First Super Kid’s tab, an android powered kid’s tablet available online at

MOSTI preluded the launch of the Chhota Bheem Tab with a fun online Chatur Chhota Bheem game on Facebook that gave 10 lucky winners a chance to win the Chhota Bheem Tab. The game gave participants a chance to experience the excitement with Bheem as it challenged them to a game of wits and skill. With amazing Chhota Bheem merchandise and 10 Chhota Bheem Tabs to be won, parents flocked to the game to give their kids a chance to win and have loads of fun.

The Chhota Bheem Tab is named after cartoon superhero Chhota Bheem for its likeness in strength, intellect and playfulness, the tab is an inexhaustible source of education and entertainment for young kids.

Visit to find out more!

MOSTI Principles

Our MOSTI team is dedicated to building a brand that cares and gives back…

MOSTI supports various charitable organization and movements dedicated to supporting the youth, planet and peace.

MOSTI is currently working in a CRM (Cause Related Marketing) Program with CRY (Child Rights and You). Proceeds from each sale of MOSTI‘s first product ‘The Chhota Bheem Tab’ will go towards CRY.

MOSTI is committed to preserving the Earth for future generations through eco-friendly packaging and an already active recycling program. This recycling initiative will begin with the first product itself i.e. ‘The Chhota Bheem Tab’ as users will have the option to recycle their devices through MOSTI.

In the future MOSTI will create opportunities for the uneducated and underprivileged people from rural communities by giving them a chance to an education and on the job training.

Introducing MOSTI

MOSTI is a lifestyle brand committed to the manufacture and design of electronic products for niche audiences and brand conscious youngsters. Our focus is innovation, design and individuality; to create exclusive products with a simple yet superior user experience.


The company’s mission is to provide beautifully designed products and clever innovations. At MOSTI, we understand people’s lifestyle aspirations and curiosity for technology. MOSTI is committed to quality, content and delivering digital products that will provide a superior performance and end-to-end user experience. We deliver with products that double on fun, productivity and connectivity without compromise. Our focus on providing you with digital and electronic devices that stand-out makes our mission more challenging, but also immensely rewarding. We’re doing things differently, one step at a time.


We excite our customers with products that are developed keeping in mind various market niches. For example, our first product offering “The Chhota Bheem Tab” is a high performance children’s tablet PC, engineered to deliver the MOSTI commitment.


Effortless productivity will be what set our digital products apart. MOSTI believes in “Simple and smart innovations”. Our thorough market research, and a genuine concern for what matters to consumers, our products are being developed keeping specific needs in mind. We are emphasizing focus on design, function and simple user interfaces. With the MOSTI brand, you will experience adventure, emotion and detail.